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Interlock Generators

Interlock Generators

Trim Electric Generator Interlock Kits

Gone are the days when power outages spell disaster for you and your electrical appliances.
Today, all you need is a portable generator and you’re good to go.

A good generator, for instance, one whose output is 5,000 watts or more requires a transfer
switch. Although it promises safety for your generator and utility workers, a transfer switch is
very expensive and most households can’t afford one. That’s where a generator interlock kit
comes in.

What is an Interlock Kit?

‌An interlock kit is an affordable alternative to transfer switches and generator sub-panels. Our
electrician can easily mount it to your existing electrical panel. Once installed, the interlock kit
allows you to power household systems and devices conveniently and safely.

When is an Interlock Kit Useful?

‌In the event of a blackout, it is not possible to safely plug a portable generator into your home’s
electrical panel if you don’t have an expensive transfer switch.

Now, however, our generator interlock kit allows you to easily and quickly plug your portable
generator into your electric panel so that you can use all your lighting circuits as normal.

Given the choice, it is wise to go for a breaker interlock kit instead of a transfer switch. While a
manual transfer switch is separate from the main electrical panel box, an interlock kit will fit on
your existing main panel box.

If you’re concerned about government regulations on electrical parts, generator breaker
interlocks are legal and won’t get you into any trouble as long as you get the right people to do
the installation.

If you live in the Houston, Texas area, Trim Electric offers experienced and licensed residential
& commercial electrical contractor services, including generator interlock installation.

Should You Get Generator Breaker Interlock?

‌Yes you should. With a Trim Electric interlock kit, you’re well assured of the following:

Safety: For you, your generator, and utility workers

‌Since the interlock kit acts as a manual transfer switch, the utility and generator breakers cannot
be turned on at the same time. As a result, the two systems are always isolated, preventing power
from flowing back to utility lines or the other way around.

Cost: Affordable pricing and no hidden fees

‌As opposed to traditional electrical services, Trim Electric only does the services according to
each customer’s needs. So you only spend what’s within your budget, sometimes even less than
the cost of purchasing and installing a transfer switch.

Quality and Effectiveness: Meets all quality standards and certifications

‌Our interlock kits are made out of high-quality stainless steel so they won’t break or bend. They
are also manufactured locally and are guaranteed to last for years.

Our generator interlock kits meet the strict requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC)
and the National Fire Protection Code. It means that each generator interlock kit you buy is
tested and certified by MET Laboratories – a leading independent electrical testing and
certification lab.

Any generator that’s 5,000 watts or more requires a generator interlock. It is important to know
that although you may have experience with interlock installations, some regions have laws that
demand that homeowners use professionals to install interlocks. Our electricians will get the job
done right the first time. Call us today.

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