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Let’s face it—power outages are going to happen. They can last for hours, days or even weeks, and they can cost you if you’re not prepared. Hurricanes, tornadoes and violent storms can disrupt our power supply system. Weather isn’t the only thing that can plunge us into darkness though. Animals, human error and utility failures also can trigger a blackout. Without an expensive transfer switch, you can’t safely plug a portable generator into your home’s electrical panel.

Easily Plug A Portable Generator Into Your Electric Panel With Our Interlock Kit

Trim Electric has the solution— a way to connect your portable generator to your panel without an expensive transfer switch: Trim’s Interlock Kit. The Interlock Kit is a much less expensive alternative to transfer switches and generator sub-panels. Our electrician can easily mount the Kit to your existing electrical panel. Once the Kit is installed, you’ll be able to safely and conveniently power household systems and devices through your electrical system.

The Interlock Kit is simple and provides a mechanical Interlock, which acts as a manual transfer switch so that the utility and generator breakers cannot be turned on at the same time. The Kit isolates the two systems so that power from the generator will never back feed into utility lines, and vice-versa. That’s safer for your generator, your electrical system – and utility workers who could be shocked while repairing a nearby line. Be prepared.

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