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6 Reasons to Call an Electrician

Need a reason to call your electrician? Here are 6! Electricity is dangerous. Do you really know what you’re doing? If not, or even if you think you do, sometimes all it takes is touching the wrong wire, or connecting the wrong wires, to cause electrical shock. Wiring can be confusing. Imagine staring at three […]

Grounding and the Protection of Your Home and Equipment

When it comes to protecting your home and equipment, grounding is one of the most important—but often overlooked—aspects. The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) states that “better than 80% of all electronic system failures that are attributed to power anomalies are actually the result of electrical wiring or grounding errors or are generated by other […]

Whole House Surge Protectors

Every year, thousands of homes suffer from damage due to power surges. Whole House Surge Protection can help you avoid these issues. Whole house surge protection is a special type of circuit breaker that detects and redirects any excess voltage to ground before it reaches your appliances.  Whole House Surge Protection is an effective, affordable […]

When Is It Time To Upgrade My Electrical Panel?

Many of us never think about our electrical panels unless we need to flip a circuit breaker, but your electrical panel is one of the critical points in your home. It allows you to turn on and off circuits throughout your home while also protecting against danger from outside sources like lightning strikes or power […]

Interlock Generators

Trim Electric Generator Interlock Kits Gone are the days when power outages spell disaster for you and your electrical appliances. Today, all you need is a portable generator and you’re good to go. ‌ A good generator, for instance, one whose output is 5,000 watts or more requires a transfer switch. Although it promises safety […]

Occupancy Inspections

Fixing Electrical Issues Trim Electric has been working in the City of Houston and surrounding areas for over 37 years and has had a long history of resolving electrical issues that have arisen from occupancy inspections. All commercial buildings in Houston require a Certificate of Occupancy to show conformance with the local building codes. The […]

Dangers of Not Hiring a Properly Licensed Electrician

Thinking about going on Craigslist and hiring one of those unlicensed contractors to save some cash? Think again! Here are the dangers you may be facing: Fire. Imagine this scenario. An electrician who is inexperienced and not properly licensed installs your light fixtures and ceiling fans. They don’t properly connect/cover the wiring. Next thing you […]

Looking for an Electrician Spring Area Residents Rely on Trim Electric

When you have a commercial or residential electrical or wiring project, it is important to hire an experienced electrician. Spring area residents can put their trust in Trim Electric for all of their electrical needs. What to Look For There are many different things to consider when hiring an electrician. Spring area residents can find […]

What Does a Licensed Electrician Mean

When you are hiring an electrician to do work on your home, you may hear the term “licensed electrician.” It is natural to wonder what that means and to have questions about who licensed the electrician or what the electrician had to do in order to become licensed. Becoming a Licensed Electrician in Houston To […]

Getting Ready for Summer with the Help of an Electrician

As the summer months approach and the heat starts to rise in Texas, it is time to consider getting your home ready for the warm season. As you start to prepare your home for summer activities, consider how an electrician in Houston TX can help make the summer months more enjoyable and pleasant for you […]