Whole House Surge Protectors

Whole House Surge Protectors

Every year, thousands of homes suffer from damage due to power surges. Whole House Surge Protection can help you avoid these issues. Whole house surge protection is a special type of circuit breaker that detects and redirects any excess voltage to ground before it reaches your appliances. 

Whole House Surge Protection is an effective, affordable way to protect your appliances from damage due to electrical surges. Whole house surge protection systems are smart enough to know when the power goes out and will disconnect all outlets instantly-keeping them safe for when the power turns on. These systems also work with traditional breakers. 

Homeowners may believe that adequate surge protection begins and ends with plugging their computer into a power strip, but this is seldom the case. First off, not all Surge protectors live up to their name; some are little more than glorified extension cords! Second, if there’s even just one lightning strike near your device, it can fry those electronics dead in its tracks – including TVs or cable boxes (or any other sort of expensive home appliance).

  • Many of the appliances in your home are highly sensitive and can be permanently damaged by a number of things, including fried circuit boards on their electronics. 
  • Mini-bursts from major appliances cycling on or off contribute to 80% power surges as well! 
  • Overvoltage due to downed utility lines also has an effect, resulting in damaging voltage fluctuations and shortening appliance lifespans. 
  • And lastly, there’s direct lightning strikes which will set them all back even further if left unchecked.

Installing Whole House Surge Protection is one of the smartest things you can do for your home. Not only will it help keep your appliances safe, but it could also save you from costly repairs down the line. 

If you’re not sure if Whole House Surge Protection is right for you, contact Trim Electric for more information!

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