Dangers of Not Hiring a Properly Licensed Electrician

Dangers of Not Hiring a Properly Licensed Electrician

Thinking about going on Craigslist and hiring one of those unlicensed contractors to save some cash? Think again! Here are the dangers you may be facing:

  1. Fire. Imagine this scenario. An electrician who is inexperienced and not properly licensed installs your light fixtures and ceiling fans. They don’t properly connect/cover the wiring. Next thing you know, a fire breaks out.
  2. Lawsuit. What happens when someone who is working on your home gets injured on your property? Well, if they are properly licensed and insured, then you don’t have anything to worry about. However, if they aren’t insured, you and your homeowner’s insurance may be facing a possible lawsuit.
  3. Money down the drain. If nothing else, hiring someone who isn’t licensed could result in a job that you are not satisfied with. And if they aren’t certified, you can assume they aren’t guaranteeing your work. The result? You just wasted your time and money.

You need an experienced and properly licensed electrician. Contact Trim Electric to get exactly that!

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