Generators for Hurricane Prep in the Houston TX Area

Hurricane Season is here!  Are you prepared for power outages at your home or business?  Below is a cost effective method for keeping your lights on after a Hurricane or inclement weather. We recieve a substantial number of telephone calls asking us about standby generators.  We bid and install many standby generators during the year but we also install even more “Generator Interlock Kits“.  This interlock kit allows you to connect a portable generator to your breaker box.  With this interlock kit, a wall receptacle is also installed, which you can plug your portable generator into. (example below)

The generator interlock kit gives home and business owners a cost effective option but it also has a practical application; you no longer have to run extension cords throughout the home!  The Generator Interlock kit option costs substantially less than installing an entire standyby system even you have to include the purchase of a brand new portable generator. Set-up your estimate by calling us at 281-376-3838 or by filling out the service request form.