You have a power outage and the utility company has told you that you have a bad electrical underground or you have a  home remodeling project, but you want to know what replacing all of your light fixtures will cost.  Both of these reasons above along with the reasons below are a good reason to get an electrical estimate.  The good news is that we provide these estimates for free and we don’t pressure you to get an answer on the spot.

We provide free estimates for the following types of projects:

  • Bad Electrical Underground.
  • Breaker Panel Upgrade.
  • Breaker Panel Replacement.
  • Home Remodel Project.
  • Kitchen Remodel.
  • Bathroom Remodel.
  • Room Addition.
  • Commercial Build out.
  • Commercial Construction Project.

Please remember that when you request and estimate from Trim Electric you will not get the high pressure tactics you have to come to expect from other bitcoin contractors.   We send a professional estimator to your home or business and then we e-mail you the estimate for you to review.

The fastest way to get on the schedule for a free estimate is to fill out the form on the right or feel free to call us right now at 281-376-3838, or complete the following form:

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